A note from Cathy Niergarth

Hi J.R.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I have often thought that a writer is a rather lonely performer that doesn't get to see or hear how his or her audience is reacting. Well, if you could have heard me this week as I read your book you would have heard a lot of laughter. You obviously have a great sense of the ridiculous and an ability to convey it to the reader. Your eye for detail and your use of imagery really create vivid scenes, some of which I know I'll never forget. I had a lot of fun going on this adventure with Gilligan whom I got quite involved with. I was really relieved he came to a happy end. I think you have a gift as a writer and a humourist. Thank-you for writing this book and I look forward to reading your next!

      Cathy Niergarth

A note from Louise Lukianchuk

Review of J.R.'s Waking Up Gilligan

An absolutely delightful book! It has everything: humour, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, and social commentary. The dialogue is natural, funny and believable; the plot multi-faceted, and the characters clearly drawn. I miss them.

Not my genre, not a subject I have ever enjoyed delving into, and yet, there I was- enchanted. Thanks J.R.

Hey Dude:

I am LOVING your novel!!! Truly. Like, really... honestly. I'm not just shooting hot air just cuz I like you. I rarely laugh out loud when I read, and I'm laughing a lot! 

Wendy  Bauman 

“Hey J.R. !
I finished reading your book , and it is absolutely fantastic !! The darker ending gives it more depth , and your characters, & descriptions of the environment are superb. Will there be a sequel ??
Your editor said it all…it is slyly humorous, yet with a real reverence for the spiritual quest. Bravo !!! Bravo !!!!!” ——–Sharon Miller

Waking Up Gilligan is at once hilarious and evocative, sexy and sublime, silly and serious, epic and ephemeral—a hysterical parody of enlightenment that becomes itself enlightened. Richly poetic, wonderfully paced, persistent, intelligent, knowledgeable prose that remains somehow always attentive and accessible. An immensely playful novel. A working man’s John Barth. A romantic’s Tom Robbins. A journey to be savored and a story to be finished. Set in a well-researched and for me (a 58 year old Americanadian) nostalgic era, it has no expiry date. This book will be as interesting and relevant a hundred years from now as it is today and would’ve been thirty years ago when the story takes place. I feel honored to have been asked to edit it.
— Christopher K. Miller

Good morning sir,
> I'm now dedicatedly reading WUG and I have to say that it is a fantastic read. How fantastic? I just dreamt of being in the commune - only the "three bitches" were spiders - I specifically remember a spider with an Australian accent. And The Doctor was there, too, I think. Anyways. Woke up at 4:15 with my mind buzzing and wanting to read more.
> Well done, sir! Well done!

--Jeremy Corke, President, Peterborough Canadian Authors Association

Hello my bro
I'm on page 266 you've just met Seatrice! I'm enjoying the book immensely.
--Betty MacLean, sister