Yes, this subject has the possibility of being a page, who knows, even a book, unto itself.

 First, my cell phone company, Telus, of the future is friendly, have taken the friendly step of telling me the caller id of every caller every time I check my messages. This "service" is not only annoying, it is expensive. Clearly it is designed to needlessly eat airtime so all our bills can be that much higher. Duplicity. Hypocrisy. Connivance. So very clever- a 'value added' service that does nothing but cost and annoy.

 Are there any smokers out there who don't feel it is their god given right to toss their butts out their car windows?

Mail persons who, a few times a year, deliver magazines addressed one block over to my mailbox.

Mail persons who deliver not at this address mail and then don't take them back when I leave them displayed from the lip of the mailbox.

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