The New Yorker

In Adam Gopnik'piece (April 22, 2013) on stacked National Geographics, we find this phrase, " a carrot debauch of curiosity." A 'carrot debauch'? How did an innocent vegetable get dragged into pubescent quests for bare-breasted natives? A long time ago, we Rajneeshees used to dance in Cabbagetown. Sometimes real dancers would join in, have affairs, or be related to members of our weird amalgamation of joyous/desperate meditators. Once, dancing in the big space over Whole Foods Trading Company, I found myself dancing with a couple sannyasins and a few pros, all over the place, very wild, to Tea for the Tillerman of all things. A very charismatic black guy, wonderful dancer, great vibe, showed me some stuff, in the moment, about relating, about harmonizing with the other dancers. Later we sat around and he told us his choreographer/teacher had suggested he bugger himself with a carrot to enhance the energy flow. He said sometimes such suggestions show things about a teacher. Right. Time to google 'carrot debauch'.

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