Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A note from Louise Lukianchuk

Review of J.R.'s Waking Up Gilligan

An absolutely delightful book! It has everything: humour, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, and social commentary. The dialogue is natural, funny and believable; the plot multi-faceted, and the characters clearly drawn. I miss them.

Not my genre, not a subject I have ever enjoyed delving into, and yet, there I was- enchanted. Thanks J.R.

Blogger's note: Louise is my friend and fellow Canadian Author's Association member. She is the author of The Trail and I Talk to the Animals. She is a senior and not on the internet- yet. She is, as she somewhat mentioned, the antithesis of someone who would run off and join a commune. Yet she told me reading WUG made her wish that she could have been there in Oregon way back when. I'm mentioning this because it is germane to what has been a surprising dichotomy in the response to this book- one that has been gratifying on the one hand and disappointing on the other to the extent that I'm going to reflect on it at some length in upcoming postings.

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