Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've seen the future and...

Well, maybe not seen it, other than in my mind's eye. What about a laptop that folds open to two screens? They could both be touch screens, with the bottom one (which would be where today's keyboard is) having little nubs for touch typing when in keyboard mode, but it could also be used as a second visual for moving stuff around like on CNN's big screen or just as an extended desktop or whatever. Think of video game apps and number of internet poker games you could play at once! Awesome idea, J.R., but does it already exist?

Well, uh yeah. It does. Mr. Jeremy Corke helpfully supplied a link to the Acers dual touch screen Iconia computer- March 2011. Sounds decent but is bulky and needs some software and tactile work. What's Apple going to come up with I wonder? Are keypads going to go the way of videotape and CD's?

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Melody said...

I have had this prediction for ages! I don't think it exists yet, maybe we should invent it?