Saturday, July 23, 2011

Journey to Leacockland 1

Journey to Leacockland- 1

We've arrived on Orillia and I am being sumptuously chilled by the air conditioning in the not-so-magnificent but nicely functional Bayview Inn. A very short bike ride away is the Leacock Museum, site of this evening's Canadian Author's Association awards. Orillia this far looks like a section of Kingston Rd. at the east end of Toronto has been transplanted between two magnificent lakes. Brewer's Bay, where the Museum is, is remarkably charming and beautiful. To get there one must briefly drive through a modern subdivision which is decidedly not. Charming, that is. At any rate, I must now drag the bicycle from the van and go and absorb Canadian culture, hopefully at a rate that won't prove overwhelming.

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